“Whenever life bore down on a friend of mine, she would say she’d been selected for the School of Dire Truths. The hurricane experience plopped me right down in the middle of it. I learned all over again that intensely fraying events in life, like hurricanes, sometimes have a particular effect. They plunge us into a mysterious, inward divestiture, a distillation we could truly call sacred, because for a while we know–in a way that we rarely know–what matters. I mean what really matters. We know it utterly. And this unimpeachable knowing ushers us once again to the authentic ground that resides at the heart of life. We seem to understand–if only partially–this is the Ground of Love, the Ground of Deep Being, the Ground of Presence. It’s as if the foreground of life, where we spend the majority of our time, fades away, and we are left in the great background that is God, against which all life exists.”

– Sue Monk Kidd, Firstlight