Last month, I mentioned in a blog post that one of my stories was getting published. The lovely journal who is giving it a home is called Northwind. And last week, I found out that the editors had chosen “Fire Season” to be the feature story of the spring issue, something that took me completely by surprise, as well as humbled and honored me. I was then asked to do a Q&A with one of the editors about my literary influences and the writing of “Fire Season,” which was one of my weirdest experiences to date. I mean, I read interviews with authors all the time, but I always think of those writers as existing on a different plane than I do. I’m just here, at my desk, typing away. I didn’t know anyone else cared. It’s really nice to know someone does.

And so, dear friends, the blessed publication date has arrived–on Friday the 13th, thank you very much. If you are so inclined, hop on over to Northwind‘s website here. You have to register to read the stories–it’s free!–or you can wait until Monday to download the spring issue onto your Kindle (if you’re into that sort of thing). After you’ve read the story, you can read my interview here. Fancy, I know.

This story kicked my butt, to be quite frank. I think it went through more revisions than any other story I’ve written, and so I’m thrilled it’s found it’s way into the literary world. Author Russel Banks once said, “Go forth, my book, and help destroy the world as it is.” I’d like to take a different approach: “Go forth, my story, and help make the world, if not better, then at least a little more aware, more compassionate, more attentive to the broken and bruised who inhabit this planet.”