My latest guest blog post for Cheek Teeth is up. It’s all about the art of details and description in stories, and if you, like me, are a student of the minimalists, you will probably appreciate it. It’s called “In Defense of Raisin Bran.” Here’s a little preview:

“I wrote a story that takes place in a grocery store. In the opening, the narrator picks up a box of Raisin Bran, noting that she’d prefer a kid’s cereal but can’t justify buying one, being a grown woman and all. The Raisin Bran isn’t mentioned again until the end, when it catches the narrator’s eye and becomes the catalyst for a life-altering decision. I submitted this story to a journal, which promptly rejected it. The editor made a few comments, but the one that stuck with me was that, while he didn’t love the story’s ending, he ‘liked it well enough.’ He didn’t elaborate, but I think it had something to do with the Raisin Bran.”

Enticing, no? You can read the rest here.

Also, last night, I was sitting on the couch after dinner when the rain stopped, and the sun broke through the clouds. I had a feeling there was a rainbow, so I got up and bam–double rainbow.

This is the second one I’ve seen in just a few weeks. I believe this is a good, good sign.