Rapha Healing Arts, a massage therapy practice owned by Mary Everitt

Responsible for: web design and development, copywriting

From Mary: “Working with Jessica was a fantastic experience. I learned more about my own work and vision in the process of creating a platform to share it. As a small business start-up, her services and whole self that she brings to the table are priceless.”



Kay Mack Reads, a podcast of classic short stories, read out loud by Kristen MacDonald

Responsible for: web design and development

From Kristen: “I needed help getting my website up and going. I knew what I wanted it to look like—I just didn’t know how to get there. Enter Jessica! She took care of all the technical details and project management, allowing me to focus on the part I like best: creating the content. She kept the project going, communicated well, and was willing to drive across town during rush hour to meet me in person to discuss the project. I ended up with a fantastic website, and I know Jessica is just an email away if I have any troubles.”



Demetri Tsohantaridis, P.C., a personal injury attorney

Responsible for: web design and development, copyediting

From Demetri: “Very pleased with the product and process of working with Jessica. She built a website for my company that exactly matched my needs by simultaneously taking the creative (and cumbersome) parts of the process away from me. I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out, and I have a great website for my company. Thanks!”



Brannigan Marie, LMT, a Massage Therapist

Responsible for: web design and development, copywriting

From Brannigan: “Jessica truly has a gift for bringing people’s visions to life. I’m so happy I found her to create my website. She was very in tune with my expectations. I always envisioned the kind of website I wanted, but I could never put it into words until Jessica brought it to life. She asked many questions about me and my massage practice, including fun questions about getting to know me as a person. She nailed everything—the content, the design, everything was perfect. She was very prompt with getting my website done within the deadline I needed. She always goes the extra mile! I appreciate having had the pleasure of working with her. Thank you, Jessica!”



Madonnalisa Chan Consulting, a content strategist and information architect

Responsible for: web design and development, copyediting

From Madonnalisa: “Jessica is a very organized and clear communicator. She is very knowledgeable about getting a WordPress website up quickly and with little issues. She was also able to help edit my content and structure the flow of the site to fit my needs. She is a self-starter and knows how to prod her clients for getting content together or to help interview them to tease out the right tone and voice for the copy. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her services.”