Hello! I’m Jessica.

I was born and raised in Southern California, where I wrote terrible poetry, studied for AP tests, and melted in the sun. I moved to Massachusetts for college, learned to run in fierce wind and snow, earned a BA in English (minor in art history) at Boston University, and wrote slightly less terrible fiction. I ricocheted back to the West Coast for grad school, got an MFA in writing at Pacific University, and at last began to write well.

My creative work ranges from novels to memoirs to personal essays to fictional and nonfictional musings. In addition to being a writer, I’ve worked as a professional pesterer, sentence smoother, website whisperer, hard-core listener, master strategist, typo catcher, and digital zookeeper. My actual job titles have included editor, proofreader, web producer, project manager, book publicist, transcriber, and tutor.

Currently, I’m a freelance editor, proofreader, website creator, and project manager. I run, work, and pray in Portland, Oregon, where I’m always writing something.