I’m an editor and proofreader with a decade of experience in freelance, web-based, and agency settings. I’ve worked with everyone from authors to design firms to health sites to tech startups.

I can provide a professional critique of your project from first draft to final incarnation, giving you detailed suggestions for revisions that will improve clarity and fluidity, all while maintaining your voice and style. Basic editorial services like line-editing and copyediting are right up my alley, too, and I can proofread almost anything. I have a knack for spotting grammatical errors and often do so involuntarily (I’m looking at you, typo on my cereal box).

My client list includes Design Portland, FINE Design Group, Livestrong.com, Makelike Design, Payette Forward, Wacom, and The Wild.

Have a project in need of editing? Drop me a line, and let’s chat. You’ve put a lot of work into your writing. Now let me help you make it the best it can be.