I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Many people, I’ve found, feel the same about their websites: they know they need one, but they have no idea where to start.

That’s where I come in. I create template-based sites in WordPress and Squarespace for small businesses, sole proprietors, and virtually (get it?) anyone who’s in need of a beautiful home on the inter-webs. Part technical guru, part creative counselor, I help people turn their “I think I need a site that does this” dreams into a site that both does and says exactly what they need, while looking awesome to boot. With a background in writing, marketing, and web development, I’m your one-stop shop for a well-crafted online presence.

I’ll help you choose a website platform and get a feel for your design aesthetic, to ensure your site reflects your brand style and business model. We’ll work together on content and images, and once the site is built and launched, I’ll train you on how to update it. For the technology-averse, time-deprived, or those who’ve fallen in love with my webby ways (it happens), I also offer ongoing website management and page building.

So whether you’re in need of a brand new site or just want someone to wrangle your existing one, I’m the website wizard you’re looking for. Let’s talk.


Sellwood Yoga, a Yoga Studio & SAVONN.COM, A Yoga Instructor

Responsible for: web design and development, copyediting

From Savonn Wyland, owner: “Professional, reliable, organized, solution-forward, dependable, these are just a few of the ways to easily describe Jessica. She is simply a pleasure to work with. From the start, she met every deadline and exceeded my expectations. When she hit any roadblock or trouble spot in the redesign of our website, she handled it with aplomb and found solutions, smart work-arounds, or alternative paths to take. She checked in with us at all crucial junctures. Jessica works well independently with a high level of personal accountability. Many times, she anticipated a question that I had and was ready with a recommendation and/or explanation. She understands how to work with the technically savvy and the newbie. She redesigned our website so that different members of our team can handle routine tasks that are within their skill sets. As soon as we launched our redesigned site, we immediately heard from our clients. They were thrilled with the improvements that had been made. Jessica understands website design and functionality and can execute your vision. She also has copywriting skills and editing experience, which were both helpful in refreshing our site’s content. Jessica is great to collaborate and work with. I look forward to partnering with her again on other web design and content-based projects.”

Brannigan Marie, LMT, a Massage Therapist

Responsible for: web design and development, copywriting

From Brannigan Marie, owner: “Jessica truly has a gift for bringing people’s visions to life. I’m so happy I found her to create my website. She was very in tune with my expectations. I always envisioned the kind of website I wanted, but I could never put it into words until Jessica brought it to life. She asked many questions about me and my massage practice, including fun questions about getting to know me as a person. She nailed everything—the content, the design, everything was perfect. She was very prompt with getting my website done within the deadline I needed. She always goes the extra mile! I appreciate having had the pleasure of working with her. Thank you, Jessica!”

Oregon Fencing Alliance, The Premier fencing club for youth and adults in the greater Portland area

Responsible for: web design and development

From Rick Attig, club secretary: “Our fencing club just launched our completely revamped website and couldn’t be any happier with what Jessica created for us. She took our old website with outdated graphics and fonts and transformed it into a modern and attractive site that really showcases fencing and our club.”

Rapha Healing Arts, a massage therapy practice

Responsible for: web design and development

From Mary Everitt, owner: “Working with Jessica was a fantastic experience. I learned more about my own work and vision in the process of creating a platform to share it. As a small business start-up, her services and whole self that she brings to the table are priceless.”

Madonnalisa Chan Consulting, a content strategist and information architect

Responsible for: web design and development, copyediting

From Madonnalisa Chan, owner: “Jessica is a very organized and clear communicator. She is very knowledgeable about getting a WordPress website up quickly and with little issues. She was also able to help edit my content and structure the flow of the site to fit my needs. She is a self-starter and knows how to prod her clients for getting content together or to help interview them to tease out the right tone and voice for the copy. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her services.”