Do not fear

I have always considered myself to be a careful reader, and so, I cannot explain why it has taken me nearly twenty-five years of reading the Bible to notice that the tree of life was also in the Garden. It says it right there in Genesis 2:9, “In the middle of the garden were the … Continue reading Do not fear


I am not good at relaxing. While I'm militant about getting eight hours of sleep, I am terrible about allowing myself to rest. Unless I'm on vacation, my hyperactive work ethic insists I am continually thinking, doing, accomplishing—whether that's writing, juggling a broad smattering of freelance projects, or just fixing meals and keeping my apartment … Continue reading Rest


I've been in love with German ever since I learned the word weltschmerz. Its literal translation is "world-pain," the depression that arises when the realities of existence don't line up with the ideals in your head. I talk about this word in the opening chapter of my memoir, how when I discovered it, some gear … Continue reading Home