The other day, a married friend asked if this weekend would be hard for me. "Why?" I said. "Because it's Valentine's Day?" He nodded. "Oh." I waved a hand. "I stopped paying attention to that holiday a long time ago." But I lied. I lie all the time. I lie because I have been single … Continue reading Love.


Ever since I took a job in marketing, I've been dreaming of revolutions: war, beheadings, political imprisonment. This is odd for several reasons, the root of which being I'm not unhappy with my career decision, and that isn't repression talking. It's not like those dreams where I'm wearing a black wedding dress, wandering around in … Continue reading Freedom


I. Eight p.m. on a Monday, sitting with mi tocaya, in the apartment she now shares with her new husband: we eat yogurt and try to figure out why we’re still friends. Fifteen years, and nothing in common but a mutual affinity for white chocolate, maraschino cherries, and mixed tapes (though our taste in music … Continue reading Lessons