I've always felt a deep annoyance for the English word "happy." It's one of those words, like "love," that has been applied too broadly---to mean too many disparate things---and therefore, has lost all meaning. I'm happy the weather has cooled down. I'm happy to spend time with my closest friend. I'm happy the brain tumor … Continue reading Happiness

H is for Help

Help me. It's not something I've ever been good at saying. Ask my mother. Though I was a talkative toddler with a broad vocabulary, I guarantee I uttered no phrase with more frequency than, "I do it myself." My self-sufficiency is both learned and innate. I can count on one hand the number of times … Continue reading H is for Help


The other day, a married friend asked if this weekend would be hard for me. "Why?" I said. "Because it's Valentine's Day?" He nodded. "Oh." I waved a hand. "I stopped paying attention to that holiday a long time ago." But I lied. I lie all the time. I lie because I have been single … Continue reading Love.