I hate putting things away. When I was a toddler, my mother let me entertain myself by emptying the kitchen cupboard where she stored canned goods. I'd pull everything out onto the floor, crawl inside the cupboard, and lose interest (I'm guessing) in approximately seven seconds. As I walked away, my mom would ask, "Can … Continue reading Contradictions


I've always felt a deep annoyance for the English word "happy." It's one of those words, like "love," that has been applied too broadly---to mean too many disparate things---and therefore, has lost all meaning. I'm happy the weather has cooled down. I'm happy to spend time with my closest friend. I'm happy the brain tumor … Continue reading Happiness

H is for Help

Help me. It's not something I've ever been good at saying. Ask my mother. Though I was a talkative toddler with a broad vocabulary, I guarantee I uttered no phrase with more frequency than, "I do it myself." My self-sufficiency is both learned and innate. I can count on one hand the number of times … Continue reading H is for Help